We recommend you complete the Application for franchise consideration to receive our Franchise Disclosure
Document (FDD), which contains detailed information regarding the Blink Fitness franchise opportunity.
Here are the most commonly asked questions from our Franchise prospects:

The cost to develop a Blink Fitness gym is dependent upon many factors, and can range from $642,000 to $2,100,000.  Our FDD contains a detailed description of development costs. 

The requirement for Single-Unit Owners is $500,000 combined liquid assets. Multi-Unit Owners must have $700,000 minimum combined liquid assets of partners.

The initial term for a Blink Fitness franchise agreement is ten (10) years. 

Yes.  Each Blink Fitness location is assigned a protected territory.  We develop a territory map with you and your broker, prior to lease signing.

Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides details on performance and earnings potential based on history.

We’ll provide you with comprehensive classroom and in-club training. Plus, you’ll have access to ongoing, dedicated support from experienced operators with decades of fitness industry experience along with turn-key systems adopted from our experience building the company-owned fleet of clubs.

We provide you with direct connections to third-party lenders, financing groups and leasing groups who are all familiar with our industry and interested in working with our candidates.  Additionally, we are on the SBA Registry as an approved concept for consideration of SBA guaranteed funding for qualified borrowers.

Prior experience in the fitness industry is not a requirement. However, we are seeking partners with a collaborative mentality who are committed to maintaining our standards of excellence. We’re also looking for great chemistry and a solid cultural fit.

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